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Lecture: Introduction to the United Nations system

April 21, 2015 - Cheng Shiqiu, former Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia, delivered a lecture to students of the Institute for Human Rights of CUPL. Prof. Sun Meng also attended the lecture.

The purpose of the lecture was to give an introduction to the system of the United Nations. At first, Ambassador Cheng introduced the structure of the United Nations and gave a detailed explanation of each section within the UN. He emphasized that after the World War Ⅱ, the establishment of United Nations was the most significant event for maintaining international peace order. Afterwards, he shared his views with the students on the reality and challenges facing the United Nations. He gave an overview of the UN's work and pointed out that even though the United Nations is still facing several problems, one cannot deny its achievements. Meanwhile, he also talked about the reformation of the UN. Specifically, he noted that it is hard to reform the UN system and explained the main reason for this to the students. At the final part, Ambassador Cheng said that the UN is the core international organization for promotion and protection of human rights and the important way to deal with the current challenges in the system is by pursuing the UN's core principles.

In the end, Ambassador Cheng exchanged opinions with the students and answered several of their questions. The lecture ended with a group picture of the attendants.

Written by Lingying Yin


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