The Foundation

The Institution for Human Rights at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) was established in 2011 to replace the former Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law that was founded in 2002. The establishment of the Institute for Human Rights was the direct result of a close collaboration by the Ministry of Education and the State Council Information Office. Among its various functions, the Institute is mainly an independent research center that serves as the national base for providing Human Rights education and training, and it is given the status of an independent academic department directly affiliated under the university. 

The main mission of the Institute is to conduct comprehensive Human Rights research, to promote Human Rights education to students, and to provide Human Rights trainings to teachers and professionals. During the process, the Institute aims to deepen the academic exchanges and cooperation that foster mutual intercultural understandings between domestic and foreign institutions and scholars. In addtion, the Institute serves as a consultative body to the government and various social organizations by providing recommendations related to Human Rights. Furthermore, the Institute also offers information about Human Rights to the general public and intends to broaden its knowledge with respect to Human Rights issues.



A group of experienced Human Rights scholars provide high quality education to masters and phD students. Together, they conduct in-depth research on topics such as Theories of Human Rights, International Human Rights Law, Domestic Mechanisms for Human ights Protection, Human Rights in Criminal Justice, Human Rights and Constitution, and National Human Rights Institutions.