The Academic Committee of the Institute for Human Rights is a guidance agency responsible for discipline construction, academic research, talent cultivation, social services, academic exchanges, cooperation, and other major activities. It was established on June 30, 2012, and currently consists of nine members, including Prof. Xu Xianming, Prof. Huang Jin, Prof. Xia Yinlan, Prof. Zheng Yongliu, Prof. Ban Wenzhan, Prof. Bai Guimei, Prof. Yang Yuguan, Prof. Qi YanPing and associate professor Zhang Wei. The Committee is chaired by Prof. Xu Xianming. Prof. Zheng Yongliu, Prof. Xia Yinlan and Prof. Ban Wenzhan serve as deputy directors of the Committee. The secretary of the Committee is a staff member who is responsible for the personnel enagged in educational and scientific research.


The Academic Committee undertakes mainly the following responsibilities:

1. Reviews academic research directions and develops medium and long-term development plans;

2. Participates in public reviews of major projects and other research topics;

3. Supervises the reasonable use of funds of key projects and topics;

4. Coordinates major national and international academic activities;

5. Completes other academic guidance entrusted by the Dean’s Office.