Domestic Exchanges

The Institute for Human Rights has developed closed collaboration with various domestic organizations, including schools, government departments, and NGOs. The cooperation mainly takes the forms of: jointly organizing Human Rights academic activities and conferences with other universities; cooperating with government departments to conduct scientific research; arranging internship and field research opportunities for students; and hiring seminarians and adjunct professors who have practical expertise in the field of Human Rights.


Global Exchanges

To realize one of the most important missions of cultivating global talents who share the passion in Human Rights, the Institute for Human Rights has actively expanded international exchanges and cooperation. We have set up partnerships with the European Inter-University Center for Human Rights and Democratization, the Human Rights Institute of The Netherlands in Utrecht, Human Rights Commission of New Zealand, and more. Both the faculties and students' knowledge and views have been expanded by study-abroad programs, academic visits, and training programs. We also invite well-known foreign scholars and diplomats to give lectures and host seminars with students to broaden their spectrum of knowledge.