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Ms. Wei Mei Gave a Lecture to Students of Institute for Human Rights

At 4 pm on December 18, 2018, Ms. Wei Mei, Vice President of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and Executive Director of Geely Automobile Holding Group, gave a wonderful lecture entitled “Strategic Career – Corporation and Employee Grow UP Together” for students of Institute for Human Rights. Professor Zhang Wei, Co-director of Institute for Human Rights, presided over the lecture.

The content of this lecture is divided into four parts: Connotation of strategic career, How to choose a career that suits you, Geely Holding Group's human resources operation system and Common pursuit of beautiful career dreams.                                     

First of all, Ms. Wei Mei introduced the concept of strategic career through the story of Mr. Inamori Kazuo. She mentioned that professional strategy is a life strategy, and a person's career is a person's lifestyle. She encouraged the students to learn from Mr. Inamori, to choose a career source that suits you, to set high goals, to work as much as anyone else and to live earnestly.

Later, Ms. Wei Mei told the students that the current era is an era of change. Enterprises continue to transform, technology is continuously updated, and the speed, business logic, and organization's form and function are changing rapidly. The future talent form will be more diversified, and the future human resource management will be more borderless and intelligent. Students will face greater challenges. But the students don't have to worry too much about it. The confusion in the job search process is normal. Students should be clear about their goals, develop their strengths, and constantly develop their learning abilities to prepare for future work.

Finally, Ms. Wei Mei introduced the development direction, changes, core business and emerging business of Geely Group, and patiently answered questions from the students. She encourages students to be legal professionals who lead the industry. The lectures end in a pleasant atmosphere.

Translated by Jiasheng HUANG



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